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Our family has been in the business of managing forest properties for three generations. Over time we have seen it all: good and bad loggers, high and low stumpage prices, the resurgence of native species and threats from invasive species.
We have fought right-of-way battles, hunted, fished, camped, thinned, pruned, logged, sold firewood, built log-cabins, maintained roads, picked wild berries, and faced ever-increasing property taxes.

We love the forest that our grandfather left us. We appreciate that there are gifts from the forest which can not be measured in monetary terms. But we know that when it comes to managing our family's forest, we’re lucky. There has
always been a professional forester in our family.

Most family's don’t have an expert on forest management, and finding reliable forestry advice is hard. With this in mind, American Woodlot was started. Our objective is simple: to help other families better manage their forests. We do this by tackling the two biggest issues forest owners struggle with:

1) Generating forest management plans

2) Conducting timber sales

If you are looking to better manage your forest, or make a timber sale, we are here to help. We work with local experts
in your specific region. We have a network of reliable foresters, loggers, and wildlife professionals ready to assist you. Contact us and let's talk about your woodlot.

You can also call:  (720) 647-5086

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