Timber Sales

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Timber sales are one of the most important decisions forest owners make. They are the main way a forest generates
revenue. Often, timber sales can seem very complex. We break it down into four steps:

1. Establish the value of your timber

We send a forester who is an expert in your area to conduct a timber-cruise of your woodlot. This contract forester generates a report on the quantity and quality of timber on your land and marks the trees to be sold (if a shelter cut) or the boundaries of the sale (if a clear cut).

2. Request bids from potential buyers

We contact loggers and show them your woodlot. We request they make a written bid for the trees being sold.

3. Generate a timber sale contract

We help you pick a buyer and prepare a contract which will ensure you are protected from common logging
malpractices such as high-grading, soil compaction, illegal tree removal, road disrepair, standing-tree damage,

4. Supervise the logging operation

The same forester that marked your timber will supervise the logging operation to ensure that logging is meeting
the contract criteria.

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